Wakeboard Videos!!

August 25, 2009

Shuswap Wakeboard and Waterski teaching some Wakeboarding and Skiing!

Shuswap Lake is a awesome place for boating! and Snowmobiling in the winter!!!


Painting Made Easy with Sandra Van Den Ham! – http://www.sandravandenham.com

Horses in the Shuswap!

August 25, 2009


High Country Trail Rides Salmon Arm, BC

Ph (250) 832-1020 Cell # 250 515 2088 Cell #250 515-0667

Trip Horse Back Riding!

August 25, 2009

Cedar Creek Pottery,

Demonstration of  Pottery and a interview with Doug Ganshorn,

700 Christison Road SW Salmon Arm BC V1e 3b4


I got my friends pottery bread pan for their wedding, I think it’s exquisite

Cook Book

Cedar Creek Pottery, demostration of a pot. Doug Ganshorn, 700 Christison Road SW Salmon Arm BC V1e 3b4 250-833-0585

August 25, 2009

Herb Higginbottom 250-832-2506

The Deep Creek Tool Museum is Neato! I posted some videos, but the tour changes every time, man HERB remembers everything!!!

Check out Herb’s Museum!

Deep Creek Tool Museum 91 Deep Creek Rd, Salmon Arm, off Hwy 97B

Phone: 250 832-2506 Email: deepcrk@telus.net

There is also a geocache near his property. You don’t need to pay anything to find the cache, but there is a nominal fee to receive Herb’s Tour!


Shuswap Geo-Quest had one article in the Salmon Arm observer – A local newspaper. After the president of the Interior Geo-Caching Club posted the newspaper on their website, we experienced a flood on comments from local Geo-Cachers.

Many concerned about poorly placed caches and the commercialization of caches, we explained that the caches contained free vouchers for local businesses free goods and services. We are non-profit and only hope to promote the region

I also would not like to be known as a terrible placer of caches, if please suggest cache locations and sneaky ways to place caches.

We have met with some local Geo-Cachers and look forward to their input.

June 30, 2009

Water Skiing Graham

Shuswap Water Ski and Wakeboard School brought us out to show some teaching and their skills, http://www.shuswapgeoquest.com videos and pictures of activities in the Shuswap will be posted soon!

Snow mobiling in June

June 11, 2009

Louis at High Country Trails in Salmon Arm, will be bringing me up the mountain snowmobiling next week, THIS JUNE, we will hide some Caches up the mountain! I will be taking some pictures and video next week!

My cell phone is backwards and upside down, I wonder if I should buy upgrade and use my phone to geocache…. hmmm…

June 8, 2009